Discover Exactly How To Manage Relationships--With One Woman Or Many


FINALLY REVEALED: The Secrets To Relationship Management
And Ultimate Success With Women...

Could it really be true that you can date as many women as you want to on your way to finding the one greatest woman you've ever met?

Can you really attract the highest-quality women on Earth and keep them attracted for as long as you choose?

Best of all, is it possible to lock down the "revolving door" of women in and out of your life and take back control of your dating destiny?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES--and you're about to discover exactly why...


From The Desk Of: Scot McKay

How To Be The Quarterback Of Your Relationships Instead Of The Waterboy


Dear Friend:

I have some mission-critical questions for you. How you respond to them could decide how your dating life goes for years to come, so consider your answers carefully:


  Do you gather the courage to approach a beautiful woman, get her number, and even enjoy a great first date...only to have her disappear like the wind for no apparent reason?

  Is there a "revolving door" of women in and out of your life? That is, you can't ever seem to keep a great woman around longer than a month or two...max?

  Do you have every e-book from every pickup artist, know every technique and routine ever developed, and still find yourself asking "What do I do next?" once you're actually with a beautiful woman who is attracted to you?

  Did you originally set out to improve your skills with women so you could find a great girlfriend, but instead have been caught up in "PUA training" that isn't bringing the high-quality women into your life you want most?

  Have you ever found yourself "locked down" in an exclusive relationship with a woman you didn't even really choose...when you would have rather kept your "options open"?

  Did you ever have an incredible women walk into your life, only to completely blow it with her? Worse, were you left not even knowing why everything slipped through your fingers?

  Do you keep settling time and again for girlfriends who fall way short of what you really want...yet you don't know exactly how to end things and move on?

  Are there times where you feel the woman is in complete control of the you a sickening, helpless feeling? Do you feel like you should be "wearing the pants" even as she loses respect for you for not doing so?

  Have you ever tried to talk yourself into believing you are in a "happy" relationship...even though the two of you argue constantly and seem to disagree on everything?

If you answered "yes" to even one of the questions above, you certainly are not alone.

Just about every man faces tremendous challenges when it comes to finding and attracting the high quality women they desire. I know I've been there personally.

And assuming a great woman does come along, managing a relationship with her can become a total disaster before you even know what hit you.

Even so, here's the amazing irony of the whole situation. Even though you may be left scratching your head every single time the chance to build a solid relationship with a terrific woman comes along, there has been virtually nobody out there offering any real answers.

Well, that's about to change...forever.

You are about to discover a solution to your frustrations that could radically transform your entire life...if you allow it to.

After all, pickup skill can carry you through the first ten minutes of your interactions with women. But relationship management is forever.


David DeAngelo Tells It Like It Is

"He has some very interesting things to say about how to become more successful with women and dating. Not just how to meet a lot of women, but how to go from being GOOD with women to being AMAZING with women.

If you're already good with women, listening to what my friend has to say JUST ONCE will improve your game significantly."
--David DeAngelo (Double Your Dating)


Let's face it. We all dream of finding the kind of woman who we are proud to have at our side. Every day, it seems, you see a guy who appears to be no better than you, but who has a stunning woman with him. It's clear to everyone, including you, that she absolutely adores him and respects his leadership.

Meanwhile, even though he may not be the best looking or the wealthiest man around, he stands with his head held high--knowing that he has what every man truly wants.

You wonder what he has going for him that you don't, and the only logical answer is...nothing. Yet you wonder if you'll ever be able to find a woman like that--one who lives up to your every desire.


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Or perhaps you do meet a great woman, only to rob yourself of the enjoyment of being with her by worrying that you'll lose her. Maybe you assume it's only a matter of time until you're "found out", and she leaves you without any real explanation.

Long after the thrill of the initial approach is over, you continue to tangle yourself in the fear of rejection every step of the way--hoping that somehow you won't be left standing alone holding the bag (again) only to have to start all over...for the umpteenth time.


When you stop to think, it really is a mystery how there hasn't been anyone who has stepped up and brought forth real answers to men who want nothing more than to plow aside all the hype and figure out how to be that guy with the truly fantastic woman.

But the truth is, vitually nobody has those answers. There doesn't seem to be nearly enough talk about relationship management because frankly, few have the track record to back up what they teach.

In order to be able to deliver the truth, it takes the perspective of having evaluated what one wants in a woman, having dated as many women as it took to discover that fully, the raw experience of having fought for deserving what one wants and--as a culmination of the entire process--having identified the greatest woman of all and claimed ultimate victory.

From there, it takes more than a guy who has merely succeeded in making that vision a reality. He also has to be able to teach. He has to be able to impart all of those skills to others.

Well, my name is Scot McKay, and I'm that guy. Pleased to meet you.


BEYOND PICKUP AND SEDUCTION -- how to handle what comes after "Day Two". Be ready for "Day Three", "Day Thirty", or "Day Three Thousand".

AUTHENTICITY THAT ATTRACTS -- Forget about wondering "what to do next" ever again. Say goodbye to dependence on routines, openers, or other "crutches".

ASSERT MASCULINITY -- Be a real man who leads instead of a "social robot", and watch how powerfully women respond. Develop a genuine, masculine presence that is literally like catnip to women.

UNDERSTAND WOMEN -- Don't believe the hype. Get inside a woman's head and discover the shocking truth about what drives them.

DATE MULTIPLE WOMEN -- This isn't just about "getting the lay". This is about knowing what you want, enjoying a life full of amazing women, and recognizing the best of the best when she arrives.

RESOLVE CONFLICT -- Prevent arguments before they ever even happen. Deal with minor grievances before they balloon into unspoken bitterness on a massive scale.

GIVE YOURSELF REAL OPTIONS -- No pressure to conform to someone else's vision. Have the dating life you choose, with the goals to match--even if you truly want to find one great woman.

SKILLS WITH WOMEN THAT LAST FOREVER -- Pickup techniquest have an "expiration date" with every woman you meet. Relationship management is an enduring skill set that reaps benefits for a lifetime...


And yes, I'm absolutely, positively no "better" than you are. In just about every sense of the word, I'm an average guy.

But I am indeed an average guy who found success where few others do. And I do have an extensive background in teaching and coaching that spans more than two decades.

It's precisely for those reasons that I believe I hold the secrets that can rock your entire world as far as success with women goes.

After a bitter divorce and a layoff from my dream IT job jettisoned me to rock-bottom, I made a decision. That decision was to refuse being a "victim" and make sure that I never made another serious mistake when it came to relationships with women.

After dating countless women and continually raising the bar, I found myself with several women in my life I felt I could spend the rest of my life with happily. That alone is remarkable, but better yet--I raised that bar yet again and decided to build a shared history with the very greatest woman I'd ever met. You may know her as my podcast co-host, fellow "dating guru" and, yes, wife...Emily McKay.


What you are about to discover is exactly how to become a man who is the master of his own destiny with women.

I understand that some dating and seduction teachers think that any guy who wants a relationship with one great woman will never avoid being "p-whipped". Sometimes it all sounds as if having a solid relationship with one great woman is not what any real man should hope for, doesn't it?

Well, I'm here to tell you that couldn't be further from the truth.

The problem is that most of the dating advice out there--even from the "PUA gurus" is actually pointing you towards being dominated by women even as they tell you to avoid "kissing up" to them.

The simple message that beautiful women call all the shots--and it's up to us as guys to "game" them--really does keep women in the driver's seat, doesn't it?


Pickup skills have an expiration date.
Relationship management is forever.

Yet, the shocking truth is that women crave a man who demonstrates leadership instead of a man who willingly hands over his personal masculine power. But who will prepare us as men to meet that challenge?

Well, for starters what we clearly need is a real choice above and beyond one-night stands and "quick fixes". After all, guys who are "chasers" tend to be the ones who cannot see beyond that.

So then, what I'm going to reveal to you, step-by-step, are secrets to managing relationships with women that have eluded men for literally decades.

Make no mistake about it: "Women truly do follow our lead as men. That leadership is a massive piece of the puzzle when it comes to long-term success with women--and it starts from the very moment you walk up to a woman and introduce yourself.

That's why I've named my revolutionary system for relationship management THE LEADING MAN.


TRUE CONTROL OVER YOUR DATING LIFE -- Become the "chooser" instead of the "chaser". Be with who you want, for as long as you want.

EARN RESPECT FROM WOMEN -- Be a man who women trust and follow. End all the "power plays".

ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU STAND -- If you have to guess what's on her mind, you can guess she won't be sticking around for long...

FILL YOUR SCHEDULE WITH HIGH-QUALITY WOMEN -- Forget going "back to the well" time after time in search of women who will ultimately disappoint you. Never go home lonely...again.

GET ONE GREAT WOMAN -- Kiss the "revolving door" goodbye and make sure the greatest woman you've ever met is attracted to you instead of some other guy.

BE A MAN WHO LEADS -- Have a plan and follow through. Never become like the "p-whipped" husband in a bad sitcom!


What if I told you that you could soon become a part of the "inner circle" of guys who have figured out the true "secret of the universe" when it comes to getting past the basics and achieving all-around mastery with women?

Believe me, in the past I've had my life nearly ruined because I lacked relationship management skill. But I've since discovered how to "live the dream" of a completely fulfilling and ultimately satisfying life with women.

And that's why I've got your back. I've made it my personal mission to make sure that no man is forced to live the lie that a "revolving door" is the only one that's open to you.

You can attract multiple amazing women, and evaluate each of them in a pressure-free environment. You can decide what you want from your dating life on your terms.

And yes...when you believe the time is right, you can build a rich, lifelong history with one great woman that exceeds your wildest expectations.

You can put an end to dating chaos. You can dream of the future, and include a great woman in those dreams.


You can father sons and daughters someday without being relegated to paying child support--and without being limited to only seeing them every other weekend. You need not put up with "baby mama drama".

You can find a woman worthy of your trust who will never cuckold you or take you to the cleaners. And yes, you can be sexually fulfilled for as long as you can stand it.

Look, I'm sure you've heard the saying, " can't live with them and you can't live without them."


Show me a woman who "wears the pants", and I'll show you a bitter woman.

Well, not only can you live a richly satisfying life with women, you can quite literally understand them also. All it takes is a clear pathway to gaining the knowledge and wisdom you need to succeed.

All of that and more is exactly what is unveiled for you in THE LEADING MAN relationship management system.

By now, I'm sure you're ready to find out what is included. So I won't make you wait another second:


Go Way Beyond Pickup And Seduction. Get The Skills That Never Expire.


AUDIO PROGRAM 1:  Core Leadership And Relationship Management Secrets (With Transcript)

Define the core components of relationship management. Get the right foundation for becoming exactly the man who women crave. Represent what she wants, and get what you want. Get ready for a refreshingly simple plan that will open your eyes to the rich possibilities with women that await you.

  The "Golden Standard" mindset...and the simple steps to achieving it

  The most crucial key to relationship management...which is also the most overlooked and misunderstood

  The "missing link" between approach anxiety and bad relationship management

  One thing you must never assume...stay passive here and lose all control

  How to respond when the "chips are down" in any situation

  Avoiding "double standards" and numerous other flashpoints that cause long-term drama

  How to break up with a woman...while still having her in your life if you so choose

  The critical steps to managing your relationship in the bedroom


AUDIO PROGRAM 2:  The Man In Demand:  Managing Multiple Long-Term Relationships (With Transcript)

End life as a "serial dater". After all, life is too short to evaluate one woman at a time. In this epic audio program, you'll be handed the complete roadmap for navigating the potentially tricky path to managing multiple long-term relationships (mLTRs) with women.

  Why you must master mLTRs...even if your ultimate goal is to find one great woman

  The all-important first step that every man must take when deciding to date multiple women

  What to do if a women calls you out as a "player"

  The exact way to tell women you are dating others...and actually increase her attraction as a result

  The surprising truth about women and commitment...this is where everything you've ever thought changes before your very eyes

  Sex with multiple women?...all about open-relationships and polyamory

  A simple formula for figuring out how many women to date at once

  How to naturally have multiple women in your life who are loyal to you alone...without ever demanding it.


AUDIO PROGRAM 3:  Life With The Greatest Woman You've Ever Met (With Transcript)

Everyone knows that over half of all marriages end in divorce. The figures for second-marriages are even more sobering. Be sure to listen to this program at least twice, because it will be your very best defense against becoming a "statistic". Identify the woman of your dreams--all cliches aside--and keep her attracted.

  Why many men automatically believe that a blissful long-term relationship with one woman is impossible

  The counter-intuitive secret to ensuring that you end up with the right woman

  Exactly how men fail to think ahead...and ruin their chances for achieving long-term happiness

  The disarmingly simple way to tell if you are ready to meet the greatest woman you've ever known

  Step-by-step secrets to identifying a great your home town, wherever you live

  8 types of women who must be avoided at all costs

  How to test a relationship without tearing it apart

  Ingenious ways to "settle proof" yourself

  How to keep "wearing the pants"...while preventing divorce at the same time


AUDIO PROGRAM 4:  Decoding Women (With Quick-Reference Guide)

A key part of understanding women is understanding what they are telling us. In this lightning-paced epic-length audio, you'll discover the exact meanings behind over 110 distinct conversations women tend to have with men.

  6 overarching principles of female communication...know these and start understanding women better today

  How to handle sensitive questions about your past...navigate these effectively or risk everything

  Exactly what to do when she fishes for compliments

  Key indicators that she is wildly attracted to you...most of which you've probably been 100% blind to until now

  Dead giveaways that you are wasting your precious time with a particular woman

  Subtle ways a woman tests your manhood...and how you can live up to the challenge

  Key phrases that indicate potentially dangerous personality issues

  How to handle extreme reactions from women

  The overwhelmingly powerful but almost universally misunderstood element of female psychology that derails men by the thousands


AUDIO PROGRAM 5:  Situational Conversation (With Transcript)

Without a doubt, one of the biggest questions ever asked is "What do I say next?" Knowing how to decode what a woman says is only half the story. Without effective communication on your part it's all but impossible to quarterback relationships as efficiently as you should. This audio program reveals all the secrets.

  What "perception born of desperation" means...and why it could apply to you

  Nearly four dozen situations covered...presented with the right way to handle conversation for each

  Two indispensable attitudes that all but guarantee you'll say the right thing in almost any situation

  Precisely why "canned lines" can only take you so far with women...and what to do about it

  The utterly fail-safe way to succeed in any conversation with a woman...especially when you're just getting to know her

  How to naturally arrange first, second and third dates without pressure...and with great success

  Secrets to "flake proofing" a woman more effectively than you've ever thought possible...this is not what you've heard elsewhere

  Exactly how to talk about sex with a woman...especially when it comes up for the first time ever

  Conversation dynamics when things are escalating physically...what you say will make it or break it--literally


AUDIO PROGRAM 6:  Traps Women Set (With Transcript)

Sure, there are lots of great women out there. Even so, the effective relationship manager must be able to detect and avoid traps that women will invariably set. Here's everything you need to keep from being snared.

  Why even high-quality women set traps...and how they do it

  The #1 trap that women set...and how they can actually get you to put aside your own needs to fall into it

  Four personality types that make a woman exponentially more likely to set traps

  How to tell what a woman really means when she tells you she's waiting until marriage for sex

  Three ways women trap a man into getting her pregnant...and the surprising reasons why

  A key trap women set that actually makes you feel like more of a man...until you wake up

  Why traps aren't a gender-specific thing...and how to check yourself, lest you lose a great woman

  The virtually infallible "acid test" for finding out if she's manipulating you or not

  The one exceptional case when the "Just Be Friends" talk isn't what it seems


AUDIO PROGRAM 7:  Crisis Management--When The Chips Are Down (With Transcript)

It's no secret that women want a man who is both a protector and a provider. This is the ultimate representation of masculine leadership. You're about to learn exactly how to handle high-pressure situations that can spring forth without notice. Never get caught off-guard ever again. Instead, maintain composure and be the man of her dreams.

  The two main types of crisis...and why you must approach each differently

  Dealing with real challenges from other men

  What to do when she tells you she's pregnant

  All about "The Triangle"...and why understanding it fast-tracks your rapport with a certain percentage of women

  How to handle real or perceived threats to your relationship...and how to tell the difference

  When personal safety is in imminent to maximize the chances of a happy ending and come out a hero

  Precisely what to do when a family emergency arises out of nowhere

  What to do when confronted with unexpected awkwardness...meeting exes, meeting kids, etc.

  How to be the "go-to" leader for your entire your woman's delight


AUDIO PROGRAM 8:  Your Wildest Dreams Made Possible (With Transcript)

It's easy to hear about amazing successes other guys have with women and pass off the stories as purely fictional. But the stories you hear are often true. You absolutely can watch your most amazing fantasies with women come true before your very eyes also. The secret lies in powerful relationship management...always.

  The magical frame of mind that best allows unbelievable situations with women to unfold...and you can achieve it quickly and easily

  Getting women to notice you and smile at you first...for real

  Exactly what it takes to get a woman to think about you constantly...even to the point of fantasizing about you

  All but foolproof ways to get women to chase you...start being the "chooser" now

  How to get women to actually initiate physical contact rather than playing "keep away"

  Secrets to getting any woman to treat you right...even right here in North America

  Proof that faithful and honest women exist...and how to bring out the best in them

  Amazing ways to find emotionally stable women...even PMS doesn't have to be a factor

  What it takes to make a woman want to fulfill your sexual fantasies...all the while losing her own inhibitions


AUDIO PROGRAM 9:  Conflict Resolution (With Transcript)

The likelihood of a happy future with a great woman has everything to do with how you step up and handle conflict as the man in a relationship. In this audio program you can expect to hear groundbreaking strategies for minimizing emotional strain while maximizing her respect for you.

  The critical pre-requisites necessary to even thinking about managing conflict successfully...overlook these at your own risk

  Practical 20/20 foresight that will afford you the golden ability to anticipate potential "flash points"...before they ever flare up

  Exactly why certain commonly accepted pickup tactics actually set you up for unnecessary and unwanted conflict in long-term relationships...make sure you are wise to the pattern from now on

  Train yourself to recognize deeper indicators of conflict that go way beyond what is obvious...before it's too late

  Step-by-step instructions on how to deal with a woman you suspect may be cheating on you...and how to handle accusations of cheating directed toward you

  The all-important mindset that "macho" guys almost always overlook...resulting in near-certain disaster when conflict arises

  Stop being confronted by mean-sprited threats and more gut-wrenching "ambushes" or other unwanted surprises

  Recognize when friends, family members and/or other third parties seek to drive a wedge between you and the woman in your life...and put an end to it without creating awkwardness

  What to do when you know you are in the wrong...the correct course of action may surprise you


BONUS VIDEO:  How To Select A High Quality Woman

Join X & Y Communications coach Jim Dalton and I for a hard-hitting video on exactly how to make sure you've got a high-quality woman in your life. Both of us know what it means to end up with the wrong woman in our lives, despite doing what we thought were the right things. That 20/20 hindsight is your gain, as we breakdown how to identify great women while weeding out the wrong ones.

  The signs of an unreasonable woman...never get fooled again

  Finally...what you can't change about a woman...and what you actually can

  The one magical trait that most men think that women uniquely possess...wake it up in yourself and transform your life

  The common..but dangerous...assumption that most men make about women

  How to recover from a bad relationship quickly and easily

  Make the right choices regarding the women in your life... without ever second-guessing yourself again



That's over nine full hours of nonstop, fluff-free content...all designed to prepare you for greatness when it comes to managing relationships. You would expect nothing less than that from a system called THE LEADING MAN.

But I'm really just getting warmed up. Take a look at these additional premium programs, which I've included specifically to take you to the next level without ever looking back:


Above And Beyond...Targeted Teaching To Expand Your Relationship Management Skillset To Expert Level


PREMIUM PROGRAM 1:  Character-Based Kino (With Transcript)

Learn how to naturally inspire women to crave physical contact with you...simply by being a real man. Forget cheesy "escalation" tactics reminicent of used-car salesmen. No creepy stuff...just results.

  The counter-intuitive principle that only men who are hyper-successful with women know...but virtually zero PUAs teach it because most men can't handle it

  The deadly mistake that almost every man makes...if you don't know what it is, chances are it's killing your game even as we speak

  A disarmingly simple concept that is universally overlooked...but which will change everything you've ever thought about kino

  Know precisely when the woman's equivalent of "approach anxiety" strikes and act accordingly...she'll love you for it

  How to tell she is ready for you to touch her...beyond a shadow of a doubt

  Sure-fire tests for reading even the most poker-faced woman's sexual interest

  Specific strategies for getting the first kiss right...and how exactly to know you did so

  Exactly how to execute a "secret move" when you kiss a woman that deepens her comfort level and trust

  Eight signs that a woman is waiting for you to make a very strong sexual move


PREMIUM PROGRAM 2:  Telecom Game (With Transcript)

Does talking to a woman on the phone always seem to become a hang-up for you? If so, that's about to become a thing of the past. This premium program will tighten up every aspect of your phone game--including texting, voice mail and even how to arouse a woman's deepest sensual passions over the phone.

  How exactly to get your phone setup right for maximum effectiveness with women

  What to do when you get her voice mail that dramatically increases the likelihood that she'll call you back

  Crucial text messaging mistakes that most guys make...even though the very tactics they're using are actually recommended by other dating coaches

  Step-by-step details on how to make a first phone call with a woman great

  What to do when she doesn't call you back

  A wealth of killer strategies for flirting via text message...guaranteed original and effective

  Finally...when exactly to call, and when not to...broken down by relationship type

  Detailed instructions on how to powerfully ignite a woman's sexual passion over the phone...the sky's the limit


PREMIUM PROGRAM 3:  Round Table Discussion: What Women Want From A Man When It Comes To Relationships (With Worksheet)

So what do women actually say about what they want from a man as far as relationship management goes? Here's where the rubber meets the road. Join me as I get real-world answers courtesy of Kim from Pickup Podcast and The Art Of Charm (, Liz from Inner Game Magazine ( and Emily from right here at X & Y Communications. Once they're in the "hot seat", I don't let up until every question is answered.

  How women define "relationship management"...know for sure what women expect from a man

  The biggest mistakes men make early on in a relationship...causing women to leave without so much as a kiss goodbye

  What guys do to mess up long-term relationships...even when they think things are going well

  How to compel a great woman to want to stick around and be faithful to you

  Frank answers on the differences between "leadership" and "controlling manipulation"...listen closely and gain an unfair advantage over other men

  The "secret" ways women are dying to please you as a man...if only you can unlock the code

  How to eliminate crazy women, contentious women and "golddiggers" from your dating life...forever

  The simple action any man can master that will literally diffuse negative female emotions on the spot




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If you've ever met a great woman and gotten her phone number only to have her not return your calls sometime later, then you already know that THE LEADING MAN is exactly what you've been looking for.

And if you've experienced the pain of actually going out with a woman and thinking everything went well--only to never hear from her again--then you're exactly the kind of guy I could have a beer with.

But here's the good news: You do not have to endure the humiliation of one failed relationship with a woman after another anymore. It's time to stop wondering how those other guys seem to have the sharpest girlfriends without even thinking about how to "impress" them.

In THE LEADING MAN I deliver to you all the relationship management secrets long kept locked away by an elite few. They're the ones who know what it means to experience every single pleasure that a solid relationship with a great woman represents.

Best of all, THE LEADING MAN is presented to you in standard MP3 audio, several standard video formats and Adobe PDF format. This means that when you order you'll be able to download THE LEADING MAN almost immediately. Listen on your iPod and read along if you so choose.


OVER TWELVE HOURS OF NON-STOP CONTENT -- A complete system for relationship management. All killer, no filler.

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Relationship management is such a crucial skill to ensuring lifelong happiness that it's hard to envision someone who couldn't reap massive benefits from THE LEADING MAN.

Even the guy who has too many women--all falling in love with him too quickly--must have a plan for managing his lifestyle.

Of course, that's what I call a "high-quality" problem, for sure.

With THE LEADING MAN you too can start dating exactly the women you've always wanted, on your own terms. Discover how to attract high-quality women and keep them attracted--thereby putting the "revolving door" pattern to bed once and for all. You can be dating multiple women and be well on your way to knowing exactly what you want in a great woman.

And above'll ultimately recognize the greatest woman you've ever met and be confident in your ability to lead her into the most fulfilling relationship she can imagine.

She'll adore you for it and--what do you know--all those other guys you've marveled at in the past will suddenly be that much more human to you. After all, their "superpowers" will then be yours also.


But there's a deeper--and darker--question to ask yourself. What will happen if you don't master the art of relationship management?

Will the cycle of disappearing women continue? Will the "revolving door" continue to spin out of control?

The hard truth is that the most amazing woman you've ever met could walk into your life, and walk right back out of it...all because you weren't ready for her when she came along.


It's time to stop asking, "What do I do next?"

Worse, imagine finding yourself married to the wrong woman--having "settled" instead of achieving the greatness you knew you deserved.

Sure you might get lucky and avoid all those hassles. But if not, the sobering reality is that you will have lived the life of the average guy.

Knowing so much more is possible, my vision for you is infinitely greater than that. I want to witness your transformation into THE LEADING MAN. And the time to act is now.

Still not convinced yet? Here's just a partial sampling of even more valuable secrets--all of which you can begin applying in your real-world interactions with women immediately, and all of which covered in detail within THE LEADING MAN system:


  The ONE THING women want most from a man. Understand this and you understand the "CROWN JEWEL" of understanding the opposite sex.


  One SMALL METAL OBJECT that can RUIN your ability to manage the relationship if a woman gets a hold of it. (Hint:  It's NOT a wedding ring.)


  How to handle FEMALE PLAYERS without GETTING PLAYED.


  Secret ways that women "MARK THEIR TERRITORY"...usually without you even KNOWING it's going on.


  The SILENT PERMISSION that using "techniques" and "openers" on women gives them...could you be CREATING YOUR OWN TROUBLES?


  What's conspicuous by its ABSENCE from a relationship with a great woman...even though you've probably considered it a "given" until now. (Hint:  "arguing" isn't it.)


  What to do when she drops "I LOVE YOU" on you WAY TOO EARLY...and better yet, exactly how to PREVENT that from happening.


  Finally exposed: the ONLY TRUE DIFFERENCE between being friends with a woman and JUST being friends with a woman.


  The "HIDDEN COST" of buying women flowers and expensive dinners on first dates.


  Learn why most guys are KILLING THEIR CHANCES at HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS by focusing on pickup skill…and it's NOT the reason you think.


  How men who LACK relationship management skill DOOM THEMSELVES to "settling"...before they EVEN KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.


  Two CRITICAL MINDSETS that every man must have from MINUTE ONE of any relationship with a woman or else deal with a "revolving door" FOREVER. Most men will never figure this out and will spend their ENTIRE LIVES wondering why they couldn't make a relationship with a woman last for more than a month or two.


  Why she brings up negative things OUT OF THE BLUE that happened MONTHS or YEARS ago.


  The one thing a man MUST DO if a woman is FALLING IN LOVE with him and he isn't ready to go exclusive.


  The ONE RELIABLE INDICATOR that decides whether you can SAVE A TROUBLED RELATIONSHIP or not.


  The "PICKUP" SKILL that is almost UNIVERSALLY TAUGHT by the biggest name "gurus", but which will SURELY KILL your relationships if misused even slightly.




  Managing the relationship when there are KIDS IN THE PICTURE...yours, hers or BOTH OF YOURS.


  The TWO BIGGEST MISTAKES men make after a break up happens.


  The MASSIVE DIFFERENCE between how men and women tend to LOSE attraction for MOTOS (Members Of The Opposite Sex)…and why you must understand it. (Hint:  The 3-6 week mark in a relationship is ALL-IMPORTANT.)


  How to give a WOMAN the "JUST BE FRIENDS" talk...and exactly when to do it.


  The true PROS AND CONS of hanging out at HER PLACE vs. YOUR PLACE. Prepare to be shocked by what you hear.


  The one time when you must NEVER try to resolve a conflict with a woman...yet it's EXACTLY when most uninformed guys make their ONLY EFFORT to do so.


  One bold, counter-intuitive move that could SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP when an angry woman THREATENS YOU with an ultimatum.


  The NAIVE MISTAKE that almost EVERY MAN MAKES when he realizes he is in the wrong. If you don't know what it is, chances are you make this mistake CONSTANTLY...probably WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT.


...and MUCH, MUCH more.



By now, I'm sure you are every bit as excited about this brand new program's release as I am. So let's wrap this up...

Here's What You Get:   All nine full-length Core Audio Programs in MP3 format, the Premium Audio Programs in MP3 format, full transcripts or reference guides in PDF format, the Bonus Video, all included bonus additions, full 24/7/365 access to the Member's Area, and all future system upgrades.

I have personally reserved a copy for you at the special price of $300...  $200...




That's less than half what a single hour of one-on-one coaching time with me usually costs, yet I'm delivering over twelve hours of pure, uninterrupted content--all squarely focused on what is arguably the most mission-critical dating skill of all.

What's more, you can buy with 100% confidence. We use highly-respected for secure, efficient order fulfillment.

When you order, I'll personally send you a welcome message in which I'll give you the keys to the Private Member's Area, where you'll have full access to everything. What's more, you'll continue to have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week...whenever is convenient for you. All from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection.

And as new updates are released, you'll have full access to those also--in real-time.



Claim Your Very Own Copy Of The Leading Man
Claim Your Copy Of
The Leading Man

$147   $97

Use Any Major Credit Card Or Paypal

Claim Your Copy NOW

Now You Can Choose To Pay Over The Course Of Three Months With EASY PURCHASE

Take A Full 90 Days To Pay With Easy Purchase


You've no doubt already realized that a single bad date could cost you more than this program. And believe me, having to deal with divorce lawyers someday would cost much, much more.

Nonetheless, I'm going to share with you every secret to effective relationship management that I've got--no holding back. I want to save you the pain of failed relationships from this day forward, and instead show you how to life with a great woman the way it was meant to be.

In fact, I have pulled out all the stops in making THE LEADING MAN the absolute most comprehensive and earth shaking relationship management system humanly possible. That way there are no disappointments. I stand behind that claim 100%, which is why every copy of THE LEADING MAN comes with an ironclad...


Unconditional 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee

That's not a misprint. You can take up to a full year to decide. If THE LEADING MAN doesn't open up an incredible new dimension to your success with women, I will personally issue you a full refund with no questions asked.

You really cannot lose. Even if you email me on the 366th day, I'll still refund your money if you aren't fully satisfied. In fact, you even have complete control over the refund process thanks to games or hassles. That's how positive I am you'll be wishing you had this program years ago.

The information you are about to discover in it is like none other, and you have no risk thanks to our 100% money-back guarantee. And my goal is to make it incredibly easy for you to get your hands on it.

So with that in mind, I'm going so far as to offer Eight Bonuses to you at no additional charge.

Each of the following could easily be sold separately, and some actually have been elsewhere. But thanks to several great friendships I have with some of the very best in the world at what they do, you are about to reap some serious benefits:


The Couple's Guide To Revolutionary Sex

BONUS #1--The Couple's Guide To Revolutionary Sex, by Alex Allman

Alex Allman has set himself apart as one of the most respected sex teachers on the planet. His book Revolutionary Sex has taken the world by storm, and now he has been gracious enough to offer this very special version for couples as part of THE LEADING MAN.

In this 39-page e-book, you can expect to discover exactly how to light a fire in your bedroom that will never go out. Find out how to drive the woman of your dreams wild, and take your sexual ecstasy to new heights.

This book is a $20 value by itself, but it's all yours thanks to Alex. For more, visit


Frank Kermit On Relationship Management
BONUS #2--Frank Advice For The Art Of Relationship Management, by Frank B. Kermit

Frank B. Kermit is one of the few dating and seduction coaches who, like myself, is married. He represents further proof that you can live a wildly successful dating life and attract the woman of your dreams when the time is right.

As a follow-up to his wildly-popular Virtuosity appearance, Frank has given me a copy of his whopping 229-page book on relationship management to pass on to you.

Filled with original insights and even letters from his readers, you'll reap major value from Frank's wisdom. More on Frank can be found at


Bart Baggett On Handwriting Analysis And Relationships

BONUS #3--Handwriting Analysis:  Secrets Of Love, Sex & Relationships, by Bart Baggett

Bart Baggett is internationally known as a handwriting analysis experts. Amazingly, his expertise has not only earned him appearances on high-profile television shows, it has actually been called upon to solve mysteries and even fight crime.

But best of all, Bart has figured out how to start conversations with women and even evaluate long-term relationship potential of the ones you are already dating...all using handwriting analysis. I guess you could say he's teaching "superpowers".

Now, you're about to gain that advantage for yourself. Bart's book is almost 300 pages long and has sold at $47 in bookstores, but it's yours as part of The Leading Man system. Get the whole lowdown on Bart Baggett at


Brad Howard On Diet And Fitness
BONUS #4--Physique As A Weapon, by Brad Howard

Women all over the world appreciate a man who does the best with what he's got. Wondering how to maximize your appearance? If so, Brad Howard is your man.

Brad is the author of the Adonis Effect program, which is the world's first focused program designed to help you develop exactly the physique that women are most attracted to. This combination of diet and fitness training with solid attraction principles yields an unbeatable plan to help you go from good to great in every area of your life with women.

Now, as a special bonus with The Leading Man, you'll get Brad's full report on how to achieve the "Perfect Body Formula", understanding the "halo effect", what to make of the media's representation of masculine attractiveness, and much more. He even shares "seven crippling mindsets" that confound men everywhere, and exactly how to make sure you are not affected. Learn more about The Adonis Effect at


The Bald Skeptic On Attracting Women
BONUS #5--The New Rules Of Attracting Women, by The Bald Skeptic

Here's something completely different from our friends and frequent collaborators at 000Relationships down in New Zealand (

In The New Rules Of Attracting Women, a full-length e-book, you'll discover a completely different and decidedly iconoclastic approach to attracting women. If you're fed up with hearing the same old pickup tactics rehashed over and over again, you are guaranteed to thoroughly appreciate this read.

Decidedly coming from the "thinking man's" perspective, you can expect 100% original ideas on everything from "Selective Submission" and "Absolute Presence" to "Acute Attentiveness" and even purple. Purple? You'll just have to read to find out...


Dean Cortez And Scot McKay On Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship

BONUS #6--How To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship, by Dean Cortez And Scot McKay

Dean Cortez is living the dream when it comes to a life full of beautiful and amazing women. His M.A.C.K. tactics courses along with his program on how to date younger women are well known world wide.

Well, recently Dean asked me to join him for a discussion on the topic of cheating in relationships. More specifically, not just how to keep from becoming a cheater, but how to make sure you are the type of man no woman in her right mind would ever cheat on.

Let me tell you, Dean asked me all the hard questions. In fact, just for good measure he got every last detail out of me...even when it comes to how to know if a woman is cheating or not, and how to handle the situation if you suspect it's going on.

The end result is one of the most honest, practical and hard-hitting sessions on the topic of cheating ever heard anywhere. More from Dean can be found at


Michael Lee's Collection Of Self-Help Bonuses

BONUS #7--The Self-Improvement Treasure Vault, by Michael Lee

Meet Michael Lee. In addition to having what has to be the most comprehensive program out there on the art of persuasion (, he has set himself apart as the guy who knows how to bring more self-improvement resources together in one place than any man I've ever met.

From the very first time I got a load of Michael's utterly mind-numbing collection of bonuses he treats his own customers to, I immediately caught the vision for doing the same.

There's only one problem. Michael's stash includes a ridiculous ninety bonuses, with a combined street value of $2355 (at last count). Knowing there was no way I was going to find the time or energy necessary to match that, I did the only logical thing. I used every bit of negotiation skill I have (perhaps ironically, learned from one of the very bonus items Michael is about to give you) to get him to offer his Self-Improvement Treasure Vault to you as part of The Leading Man system.

So, let's hear it for not having to "reinvent the wheel". By the way, this is no joke. When you see the download area for this bonus, your jaw is going to hit the floor. Seriously, going through the list of bonus items I saw at least two that I had personally offered before as stand-alone bonuses elsewhere.

I guess you could really think of this entire section as "shorthand" for what could easily have been ninety different bonuses...each of them impressive in their own right.


Power Sessions For Men
BONUS #8--Monthly Membership:   Power Sessions For Men

Power Sessions For Men transcends mere tips, tricks and tactics and positions you to be a man who deserves the very highest echelon of women.

If you are among the majority of men who would rather have one amazing woman to build a life with than an endless string of one-night stands, this program is for you. Power Sessions For Men represents my absolute most advanced level of teaching, and is reserved for the elite among men who are committed to going from good to great.

Every month, I'll send you audios, videos and/or special reports breaking down specific components of what it takes to be a man who deserves the very best.

What's more, I'll answer your e-mails directly. That's right, e-mail coaching from me personally is included in the program. Ask your questions and expect real, thoughful answers.

Wherever you are today, reinvent yourself into a man who enjoys what few men ever will--the rush of knowing you are with the highest quality woman in the room wherever you go. Be a part of the "Deserving Community".

With your order of The Leading Man, you'll have the opportunity to join the elite Power Sessions For Men inner circle, and we won't bill you until the end of the first month. Subsequent monthly programs are $27 each. As you would expect, Power Sessions For Men comes with an unconditional 365-day warranty and you can easily cancel at any time.


  • Keep Women Attracted--End The "Revolving Door" And Take Back Control
  • Date Multiple Women Or Find The Right One For You
  • Stop Getting "Pwned" By Women And Wear The Pants
  • Proven Track Record Of Success
  • Value-Packed Content Exceeding Expectations


This and every X & Y Communications purchase is guaranteed for a full year. If you do not see results, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that. You even have full control over the entire process thanks to games.



Claim Your Very Own Copy Of The Leading Man
Claim Your Copy Of
The Leading Man

$147   $97

Use Any Major Credit Card Or Paypal

Claim Your Copy NOW

Now You Can Choose To Pay Over The Course Of Three Months With EASY PURCHASE

Take A Full 90 Days To Pay With Easy Purchase



So where do you stand when it comes to building great relationship with the right women?

Are your results falling way short of your expectations?

If your answer to either or both of these questions is "not even close", then you could be on your way to living a life of quiet desperation like "Mr. Average".

But if THE LEADING MAN changes your life even in a small way when it comes to attracting the kind of women you really want and keeping them attracted, how much is that worth to you?

For most, such a valuable transformation is worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox. In fact, living the charmed life of the few elite guys who enjoy a great woman by their side is a priceless concept in the mind of just about everyone.

Yet, I guarantee success. I can do so confidently, having seen first hand the kind of results that prove my system of THE LEADING MAN flat-out works.

That track record includes having dated some of the very sharpest women in my metro area and beyond--up to sixteen of them at a time--and ultimately finding the greatest woman I've ever met and selecting her to spend a fulfilling lifetime with.

I remain convinced that all of this and even more can be yours if you accept the opportunity for ultimate success with women that I am offering to you.

Make no mistake: I want you to have the most fulfilling life possible, culminating in maximum relationship success and the joy it brings. I look forward to delivering THE LEADING MAN to you today.


P.S.  The Leading Man is your ticket out of a frustrating place where the "revolving door" keeps spinning women out of your life. Don't let the train leave without you...

P.P.S.  Remember, all the risk is on me thanks to my industry-leading 365-day money back guarantee.



"Exactly The Stuff I Need"

"Your Leading Man ROCKS! Exactly the stuff I need. I'll need a week or two to digest everything. Great work Scot."
--Richard (San Francisco, CA)


"I Admire The Integrity That Simply Resonates Throughout"

"I admire the integrity that simply resonates throughout the entire product. Sure, NLP and all that stuff work wonders, but at the end of the day, I want to be with a human being with an independent, dynamic, and accountable soul."
--Angelo (Cebu City, Philippines)


"I Stay Up Way Too Late. I Can't Get Enough."

"I've taken on the daunting task of going through The Leading Man stuff. Holy crap!! I stay up way too late. I can't get enough. I'm a thinker and there are many concepts which keep my mind just zoomin' along, I love it. It's nice to have concepts I've thought about described in a different light. My head is more clear and I am getting a better picture of what it is I actually want. "
--Nathan (St. Paul, MN)


"It Came Along At Exactly The Right Time For Me"

"I've almost listened to the full system already and I think it's great! It came along at exactly the right time for me. Thanks."
--Steve (Seoul, South Korea)


"You Have The Tools That No One Else Anywhere Has"

"Really awesome stuff! You have the tools that no one else anywhere has...Thank you for your powerful and excellent work."
--Mark (New Haven, CT)


"I Am A Super Advocate Of Your Program, Scot"

"First and foremost, I had the opportunity to put what I've been learning in The Leading Man [into practice] last night. I chose to put out the confident, safe energy that your advocate, and IT WORKED. The best part about The Leading Man is that it does not alienate
the other men at the table. In PUA, there seems to be a trend to separate yourself from the other men in the room--which can make you a lot of enemies, even if you don't 'pick up' a girl. With the confident and safe energy approach, you don't offend any of the other guys. I'm a super advocate of your program, Scot. Thanks for putting out such a great product and I hope to try it again tonight. Thanks for everything."

--Victor (Kihei, HI)


"A Very Comprehensive Guide For Guys"

"Congratulations on your new program. It does seem to be a very comprehensive guide for guys looking for women. And from what I know of you, you are sincere in wanting to help people. You ain't in it just for the buck. That impresses me."
--Lawrence (Aiken, SC)


"Scot Lived Up To All My Expectations"

"Hey, I've been reading through and listening to The Leading Man today, and I gotta say, Scot lived up to all my expectations...My initial impressions are that this product is definitely worth it, and anyone interested in learning relationship management should invest in it."
--Tony (via PickupPodcast Forum)


"Hey Man, You're Charging TOO LITTLE"

"Hey man, you're charging TOO LITTLE for your program...your charge should be at least twice as much. I was hoping to see 297!!!"
--Georgiy (Unspecified Location)


"Super Clear And Ultra Practical"

"I want to thank you for your super clear and ultra practical advice for men. It is really refreshing and down to earth. Thanks."
--Shawn (Charleston, SC)


"I Relate Best To Your Perspective"

"To the who I now think is the coolest guy on the web, Mr. Scot McKay: Anyway I now have all the downloads and am very pleased. I am determined to find the woman that is right for me and the rest are just not going to do. I have many of David DeAngelo's products also, but I find I relate best to your perspective."
--Keith (Naples, FL)


"What A True Ephiphany For Me!"

"All I can say is WOW...what a true epiphany for me! I needed this two years ago! I had thought all my feelings/thoughts about my terrible divorce were unique...I felt so alone...boy, was I wrong! It
is a godsend to me…it gave me a whole new ex is not the ‘gatekeeper' for the other women in the world…it was just one women's opinion...this alone, was worth the monetary investment in your program. You have restored my faith...Thanks
so much."

--Arnie (Lewes, DE)


"This Has Paid Off"

"First like to say, really enjoying the products. I don't buy online without strict circumspection and this has paid off. I arrived at you and find that your perspective is closer to what I believe, or would like to believe."
--Gordon (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


"You Changed My View"

"Hey there, just wanted to tell you that you're doing a brilliant job and have changed my view on what a happy and successful relationship actually is."
--Dwight (Dusseldorf, Germany)


"You Care About What You Are Saying"

"I like your stuff because unlike a few others I gave a shot there is no sleazy feeling. The other ones I listened to see women as prey and seek to trick them. I'm not looking for that at all. I'm aware enough that any guy can find that if he wants. You seem to have a genuine interest in fostering relationships that are beneficial to both parties. I'd just like to say thank you for that it is a breath of fresh air. It feels as if you care about what you are saying."
--Matthew (Hamilton, ON)


"I Have Found The One"

"I have found the one using your techniques. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much."
--Micah (Fresno, CA)


"You Seem Like A Genuine Guy"

"I just wanted to show my appreciation and thank you for taking the time to speak with me on the phone, and help examine my situation. You seem like a such a genuine guy, it's no wonder why women in general must love hanging out with you."
--Tim (Chicago, IL)


"Being Authentic Is The Way To Go"

"I subscribe to your products because I realize the PU community uses tactics more than it does inner strength and core confidence (the big 4). Being authentic is the way to go and I'm developing those skills around women. So I find a lot of value in your teaching. I'm on the right track. I feel good about my personal life. It's full, it's fun and filled with quality stuff. I've developed some really good female relationships in the last year. Thanks to some of your coaching."
--Jay (Corona, CA)


"I Just Cannot Tell You How Impressed I Am"

"I've only been signed up for 3 days now, and I just cannot tell you how impressed I am with the quality content you are putting out. I've been downloading episodes like mad, and I'm burning up my iPod trying to take it all in."
--Blake (Eagan, MN)


"I Am Having Massive Success With Women These Days"

"I am so excited. I am having massive success with women these days. I am getting emails and phone numbers and going out on dates. I love your audio power sessions. You have a very positive vibe and talk about success with women and the enjoyment of it. Its a great positive influence for me when I listen to about an hour of it a day. Keep it up."
--Andy (Portland, OR)


"Thanks So Much For All The Advice You Share With Us"

"First of all, thanks so much for all the advice you share with us. And how you personally answer every e-mail, even within hours, is the best. Thank you, Scot."
--Matt (Chicago, IL)


"Keep Up The Good Work"

"I just want to say keep up the good work. I like that your program & podcast don't really have that "sexual predator" feel (if that makes sense). You're not just telling us that women are objects and how to go out and get laid, your telling us things like the biggest key is to truly appreciate and respect a woman, etc."
--Mark (Birmingham, AL)


"I Couldn't Be Happier"

"The whole concept of becoming a better man and deserve a great woman for my life has paid off and now I couldn't be happier. "
--Sergio (Redondo Beach, CA)


"What You're Doing Is A Godsend"

"What you're doing is like a Godsend to people like me. It's good to know what I've been doing wrong for so long, and the well-meaning but often wrong advice of friends and family never really gave
much of a clue. Thank you for being out there and helping to change things. The less frustrated guys are out there, the less problems the world will have and the happier we'll all be."

--Olangato (Singapore)


"Absolutely Spot-On And Priceless"

"Thanks Scot. All of your info is absolutely spot-on, and priceless. Not only did it help me find the woman I've dreamed of being with, but it made me more of the man I wanted to be. You rock!"
--Rob (Hot Springs, AR)


"I Thought 'This Is The Man'"

"When I saw your material I thought THIS IS THE MAN. What you say is the kind of thing I was looking for. You talk about the most important thing--the inner game. I started listening and I`m impressed with the amount, depth and quality of the material. Thanks for the excellent work."
--Marco (Sao Paolo, Brazil)


"Focused On Creating Genuine Connections And Lasting Happiness"

"Of all the 'dating gurus' on the market you seem to be the most centered, the most focused on creating genuine connections and lasting happiness (evidenced by your relationship with Emily)
rather than the 'how to get laid fast' approach."

--Bob (Los Angeles, CA)


"It's Amazing To Me How Much This Stuff Comes True So Quickly"

"Dude, it's amazing to me how much this stuff comes true so quickly. She's into me pretty big and it's been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since I've had a woman respond to me like this. For someone my age who's never been with a woman sexually I've got her in the palm of my hand. This stuff works, man (but I don't have to tell you this--LOL!)"
--Ryan (Marble Falls, TX)


The Quotes Above Are 100% Genuine And Unsolicited.

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